I started telling Captain Ryan stories several years ago when Ryan was around 2 years old. At first, I would tell the stories to Ryan to get him to eat his food. If you listen to the stories, you’ll notice that they frequently have the phrases “And do you know what they saw?” or “Do you know what happened?”. I would say these phrases during the story and then say: “Take a bite of your food and I’ll tell you…”. It worked really well with him, but then I transitioned to telling him stories at bedtime since he had a hard time going to sleep.

Well, pretty soon Ryan was no longer an only-child and his brother Brady came along. Naturally, Ryan had a hard time with having a new baby to occupy his parent’s attention, so I started adding Ryan’s “faithful matey Brady brother” into the stories in order to get Ryan to think of Brady as a fellow-adventurer.

After a few more years, Nora was born and the whole cycle of jealousy started again with Brady. Once again, Nora was added into the stories so that they could all venture out together as siblings.

Well, after having made up maybe a thousand of these stories over the past few years, I decided to start recording them for my wife to play when I wasn’t able to be home for bedtime. My wife took the idea and ran with it and got us to the point where we’re finally publishing one of the stories every week for your entertainment and pleasure.

It should be noted that these stories are made up while I’m telling them, so they can seem a bit disjointed at times since even I don’t know what’s going to happen during these stories. If you give them a shot, you may end up loving them. If you do, please share them with your friends and let us know what you love about them. Getting great feedback from our fans is a great motivator to continue.

-Hans (The Story Teller)